The Culture of Mt. DaisenThanks to Mt. Daisen


The authorization system of "Japanese legacy" the Agency for Cultural Affairs founded in 2015 (2015) fiscal year.Japanese culture and the story I tell about tradition are authorized at all part through historical charm in an area and the characteristic.A Mt. Daisen area was chosen as 2nd number in Tottori-ken with 17 areas of whole country.A Japanese legacy is to send a material intangible cultural asset here and there in an area attractively as a story, and I'm having for my object to plan for activation in the area.Daisen is the symbolic existence of the area, which is the axis of Daisen story certified as a Japanese heritage site. Delicious water that nurtures the life born from Daisen. Daisen faith developed with Diasenji tempered on a hilly to the core. Communicating food culture and folklore. Daisen Gyubaichi which was born from those faiths, entered three fingers in Japan in the latter half of the Edo period, and developed to Japan's largest in Meiji. This is a serial type that develops to the range of Daisen Town, Hoki Town, Koufu Town, Yonago City connected by Daisen Road where people and cattle horse come and go to head Daisen Diasenji and Daisen Gyuubaichi as the axis of the story. This story is based on the fact that it is a region full of appreciation to the blessings including Daisen, which is represented by the word "Thanks to Mt. Daisen" inherited to the area.



  1. Daisen
  2. Miniature Iron Shrine
  3. The Okumiya of Oogamiyama Shrine
  4. Main Hall of Daisenji Temple
  5. Daisen Miyuki
  6. Bakurouza
  7. Stone-paved Road to The Okumiya of Oogamiyama Shrine
  8. Daisen Road(Odaka Road)
  9. Daisen Road(Bouryou Road)
  10. Daisen Road(Mizokuchi Road)
  11. Daisen Road(Maruyama Road)
  12. Daisen Road(Kawadoko Road)
  13. Springs and Jizou of Jizoudaki Falls
  14. Jizou of Masumizu(Yokote Road)
  15. Daisen Road (Yokote) and 1-Cho (109m) of Jizou
  16. Sagarigaya Townscape
  17. Tokorogo in Daisen-chou - Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings
  18. Monjudou Building
  19. Daisen Okowa and Daisen Soba
    (Combined area of Yonago City, Daisen Town, Houki Town, Koufu Town)
  20. Mohitori Shinji Ritual
  21. Hamanango Shinji Ritual
  22. Old Kamogawa River Jizou
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