Story overview

Jizo Bodhisattva manifested on Mt. Daisen and is the savior of all living creatures. This belief resulted in the 'Livestock Faith' at the end of the Heian Period and the gathering of people seeking protection for their livestock at Daisenji Temple.

Therefore, Daisen's livestock market developed spontaneously. During the Edo Period, Daisenji Temple became the back shadow of the livestock market, and it evolved into the "Daisen Gyuuba Ichi", the only livestock market intertwined with religion in Japan. In the latter half of the Edo Period it was said to be one of the three largest markets in Japan, and it continued to develop until in the Meiji Period it was Japan's largest. The 'Daisen Roads' leading to Daisenji Temple were crowded with pilgrims from Western countries and merchants with cattle and horses.

Even now along the mountain roads, the scenery of the rural villages, the distinctive food culture and the events and customs related to 'Daisen's Water' is conveyed, with people still saying "Thank you, Daisen" in appreciation.

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