The Culture of Mt. DaisenThanks to Mt. Daisen


The 'Japanese Heritage' accreditation system was started in 2015 by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs. Through the historical charm and regional characteristics, stories pertaining to Japanese culture and traditions are certified in various areas. As the second certification for Tottori Prefecture, Mt. Daisen and its surrounding foothills is one of 17 areas selected nationwide. The certification is centered around Mt. Daisen's symbolic importance. Mt. Daisen is well known for its water, which in the past brought about the Daisen Faith, with Daisenji Temple at its core, and in turn the Daisen Gyuuba Ichi (cattle and horse market), which became one of Japan's three major livestock markets in the late Edo Period and developed into the largest in Japan during the Meiji Period. The certification also includes the roads that lead up to Daisenji Temple, the Daisen Roads, that run into Daisen, Houki and Koufu Towns, and Yonago City, and are of significance due to the scores of pilgrims and animals that traversed them on their way to the market, and the villages that sprung up to accommodate them. The theme of this narrative is 'Thank you, Daisen', to show the gratitude the people of the area have for the blessings Mt. Daisen provides.



  1. Daisen
  2. Miniature Iron Shrine
  3. The Okumiya of Oogamiyama Shrine
  4. Main Hall of Daisenji Temple
  5. Daisen Miyuki
  6. Bakurouza
  7. Stone-paved Road to The Okumiya of Oogamiyama Shrine
  8. Daisen Road(Odaka Road)
  9. Daisen Road(Bouryou Road)
  10. Daisen Road(Mizokuchi Road)
  11. Daisen Road(Maruyama Road)
  12. Daisen Road(Kawadoko Road)
  13. Springs and Jizou of Jizoudaki Falls
  14. Jizou of Masumizu(Yokote Road)
  15. Daisen Road (Yokote) and 1-Cho (109m) of Jizou
  16. Sagarigaya Townscape
  17. Tokorogo in Daisen-chou - Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings
  18. Monjudou Building
  19. Daisen Okowa and Daisen Soba
    (Combined area of Yonago City, Daisen Town, Houki Town, Koufu Town)
  20. Mohitori Shinji Ritual
  21. Hamanango Shinji Ritual
  22. Old Kamogawa River Jizou
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